Our Story

We would like to take a moment, and share with you the Creative Chaos about how our journey as Clairmont Designs began.  We started Clairmont Designs during a hectic time in our life. We were engaged, Stephen had been accepted into the Architecture Program, and I was in Elementary Education at Mississippi State University.  We thought we would finish school and go to work in corporate America as an Architect and School Teacher.  Boy did God have other plans for us! I was a cheerleader at State and Stephen being overwhelmed with the intense Architecture Program…. to say the least…. we had very limited time and working a part time job was impossible!  Since we were both very crafty, we decided to do trade shows on weekends when we could for extra money.  Before we knew it our products were in demand and we had store owners asking us if we would sell wholesale.  When the time was right, we jumped at this opportunity. Of course, I finished out my degree in Elementary Ed. and Stephen got his degree in Architecture all while starting Clairmont Designs.  We both shared the dream of building a business to inspire people and make a difference.  We started with no experience and nothing more than our desire and God’s plan which has led us on the roller coaster ride we like to call Clairmont Designs.  Clairmont Designs has truly turned into one of our greatest blessings in life.

Over the past several years, we have grown in many ways:

Our family

We were married in May of 2008 and we had our first child in May of 2013, and our second in April of this year!Both are very special and healthy little girls named McKinley and Dakota. God has given us so much more than we could have ever dreamed of …. #Blessed!

Our faith

We have grown in our faith in many ways because of Clairmont Designs. It has taught us patience, leadership, humility, and how to trust in Him.

Our team

We have grown our team to 10 employees. We have been given a heart for leadership and building a team of people that have good character and common goals. Character is the cornerstone of success!