Calligraphy State-Massachusetts | 8x16

Calligraphy State-Massachusetts | 8x16
SKU: DSC20400816

Massachusetts – Ladybug – Plymouth Rock – Mayflower – Colonial – Boston Baked Beans – Pilgrims – Harvard – Bay State – Boston – Boston Chickadee – Johnny Appleseed – Puritan State – Cranberry – American Elm

Our Dakota Signs are handcrafted in downtown Laurel, Mississippi. Every sign is individually hand cut, stained, painted, printed, and framed in our workshop. Every piece responds to the stain and distressing process differently making it one-of-a-kind. The mixture in style of modern and rustic make our calligraphy state signs the perfect addition to your any home decor... They also make AWESOME gifts for your family and friends that live out of town!

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