Spring Break Adventures

IMG_8545Spring break = two words that conjure up fond memories and carry much excitement for anticipated adventures to come.

Here at Clairmont’s, our team is made up of quite a few students. Our company prepares in advance to make sure our hard working team members get to experience their spring break. We understand what great benefits come from taking a vacation…from school, from work, from the chaos that is sometimes called our “normal routines.” I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Yet, the big question is…Where do you go? What do you do to make the most of your hiatus from your normal responsibilities? Well, I asked a few of our very own what sort of adventures they have taken and plan to take…


How do you plan to spend your spring break?

“I’m really looking forward to taking my first spring break trip and spending the whole week with some of my favorite people in Greensboro, NC. I am going with my younger brother and my mom to spend time with my uncle, aunt and cousins. We plan on hanging out and catching up on life…”Painting With a Twist” may be in the plans as well.” –Caitlincaitlin with family

“I didn’t really have any plans until my sister called and surprised me with a plane ticket to Los Angeles, CA! I love visiting my sister and her family in LA. The weather is always great, it’s never really too cold—75 degrees and sunny! Making appearances at Hollywood Boulevard, Beverly Hills and Venice Beach are usually on the list. Spending time with my family is always enjoyable. We always know how to get along and have fun together.” –Kevin

 cali bike riding

family kevin

What does your ideal spring break look like?

“Cabo, Mexico, the music capital of Mexico. I went with my family one year, and this is such an awesome place. I would love to go back!  Good food. Neat shopping. Gorgeous views— it’s right on the coastline and has amazing music.” –Brandon

“Taking a road trip traveling…no destination, just a journey.” –Chad

“Being outside in the sun; I love the outdoors and this time of year! Relaxing with my friends by the pool or on the beach would be awesome.” –Kevin

“Well, spending a week on the beach in Pensacola, FL  would be the realistic answer to that question, but do you want the unrealistic answer too? Going to Paris and standing on the Eiffel Tower! Dream trip.” –Caitlin

“A beach trip with my mom and daughter would be amazing!” –Chynna




Favorite Spring Break Trip?

“My most memorable spring break was in the 9th grade. I had never been the “outdoorsy southern boy,” and so when I was invited by my buddy to go to his home in Georgiaville, AL, I was pleasantly surprised to participate in hunting, “mudding,” fishing and 4-wheeler riding. It was definitely a trip I will always remember.” –Brandon

“New Orleans is our favorite place to go…We stay at The Whitney. Watching the Pelicans play basketball or seeing one of our favorite bands play are always great experiences. We usually shop ‘til we drop at our favorite stores—H&M and Urban Outfitters. As far as eating out, our motto is to never eat at the same place twice and to always try something new. Each trip reminds me that I’m as eager to follow my wife into adventure as I am to lead her into adventure.” –Chad


adventure RS



I hope your spring break was memorable in whatever adventure you decided to embark on…It’s not always about the destinations you travel to, it’s about the people you spend the time with that matter the most.